Consolidated Balance Sheet  download icon

in € millionsNotes12/31/201512/31/2014 (adjusted)
Non-current assets
Other intangible assets112,5222,299
Property, plant and equipment121,6051,584
Investments accounted for using the equity method13945592
Other financial assets14405331
Trade and other receivables16146145
Other non-financial assets16640544
Deferred tax assets109611,076
Current assets
Trade and other receivables163,7073,475
Other financial assets14113108
Other non-financial assets16858704
Current income tax receivables140126
Cash and cash equivalents171,3101,329
Assets held for sale42
Equity and liabilities
Subscribed capital1,0001,000
Capital reserve2,3452,345
Retained earnings4,1463,189
Bertelsmann shareholders' equity7,4916,534
Non-controlling interests1,9431,846
Non-current liabilities
Provisions for pensions and similar obligations191,7092,698
Other provisions20122143
Deferred tax liabilities10160157
Profit participation capital21413413
Financial debt223,0752,364
Trade and other payables23375381
Other non-financial liabilities23375331
Current liabilities
Other provisions20346411
Financial debt221,000654
Trade and other payables234,2764,126
Other non-financial liabilities231,5291,377
Current income tax payables9484
Liabilities related to assets held for sale41