in € millions12/31/201512/31/2014
Trade payables183189
Other financial payables192192
Other non-financial liabilities375331
Trade payables3,5633,273
Other financial payables713853
Tax liabilities172199
Social security liabilities10896
Personnel-related liabilities630556
Received advance payments10166
Deferred items274297
Sundry non-financial liabilities244163
Other non-financial liabilities1,5291,377

Non-current other financial payables in the amount of €192 million (previous year: €192 million) include liabilities from put options relating to shareholders with non-controlling interests of €86 million (previous year: €99 million), minority interests in partnerships of €38 million (previous year: €49 million) and derivative financial instruments of €6 million (previous year: €3 million). The item “Current other financial payables” includes liabilities in the amount of the continuing involvement in connection with factoring agreements, liabilities from refund entitlements, liabilities from the acquisition of assets, liabilities to participations, debtors with credit balances and derivative financial instruments.